Know How Coaching

Our objective is to ensure our trade partners have thorough understanding and comply with all Canadian and Ontario market requirements that are relevant to the export of wine. These requirements consist of legal requirements like labels, packaging, chemical analysis, and other voluntary initiatives with considerable impact on your success.

Our Agency takes its regulatory responsibilities very seriously. We provide guidance to the wine sector in order to minimize the risk of non-compliance. It is our desire to assist exporters and producers to meet legislated obligations.


We train and explain the role that the LCBO, Suppliers and Agents play in the Ontario beverage alcohol market.  We consider that a basic understanding of the LCBO’s product management purchasing policies and procedures are critical before engaging in the export activities.  We supply you with industry tips and insights that are unique to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario monopoly based system. The knowledge you will gain will save your time, money, and frustration.