Our Story

Ontario Wine and Liquor Agency is an import and marketing arm of the wine industry in Ontario, Canada. It was founded 2005 and operated as The Old World Wine Agency, in 2010 partnered with the Universal Wine Agency, and recently we unveiled our new identity, laying the groundwork for what everyone in the wine export business is keen to hear: a clear strategy to promote and export your wine, your passion. We bring a global perspective to our wine and spirits clients.

The Ontario Wine and Liquor Agency currently represents selected Old World wines from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal; and is actively pursuing a portfolio of specially selected Old and New World wines and premium spirits from other wine producing countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany, South-Eastern Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and South Africa.

Our focus is to work with regional, unique wine producers, currently unknown to Canadian market.  We value tradition of wine making where attention to details pays in quality of wines and endorses distinctive local character.

Our customer commitment is based on one founding principle of embracing a notion that each product and service is represented by people, their dedication, their passion, and their values; our mission is to bridge and strengthen this remarkable relation.

Our mission is to introduce wine lovers to the diversity and individuality of 'Old World and New World' wines.