Appointment of an Agent by a Supplier

As a wine producer, if you want to export your wine to Canada, try to find the right distributors in Canada, intend to expand your existing product portfolio, as well as, increase you brand awareness in Canada, The Ontario Wine and Liquor Agency can provide a series of exporting services to help you in achieving your goals.

Section 11 of the Liquor Licence Act requires Agents to be licensed by AGCO for the purposes of soliciting orders of liquor in Ontario on behalf of a manufacturer of liquor. Agents may only canvass for, receive, take or solicit an order for the sale of liquor on behalf of a manufacturer.

All products selected for purchase by the LCBO should have Agent representation.  An Agent must:

Have a licence to represent a manufacturer issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), under the Liquor Licence Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.L.19.

Present their licence to represent a manufacturer to the LCBO, listing all of the manufacturers/Suppliers they represent, upon request.

Comply with all applicable laws and the terms and conditions of any permit, authorization or licence issued by the LCBO or the AGCO.

Comply with the terms and conditions of all programs administered by the LCBO in which the Agent is involved.

Please choose your agent wisely, the one who know the system, policies, regulations, and mostly is willing to devote the time and resources to support your goals.